Monday, March 16, 2009

1st lost tooth

Last night Brooklyn came into my room after she finished her dinner and I saw that her mouth was all bloody. I asked her to grab a tissue and to let me take a look at her loose tooth. I grabbed onto the tiny tooth with the tissue and wiggled it just a bit to check it's progress and then I pulled straight up and out it popped! Brook didn't even flinch because the tooth was already disconnected from the root and was just sitting in her gums. She looked at me and then stared at the tiny tooth in my hand and then excitedly screamed as she ran to tell Daddy the good news. For the rest of the evening she would fall to her back and kick her legs up in the air while she screamed with joy over losing her very first tooth. She felt like such a grown up.....she went from being 5 to being a "young woman"(her words). Oh man! Jon and I laughed so hard...She just cracks us up:)


Amy Dubois said...

That is awesome!! And what a beautiful "young woman" she is!! Way to go Brooklyn!!

Sarah said...

How exciting!!!

Kristie said...

This popped up when I was about to comment on your bean bags....had to comment because my 5 year old just lost her first tooth this week! Oh, the joy! Such a sweet milestone :-)

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