Monday, January 26, 2015

{DIY} Essential Oil Car Diffuser

I have been using essential oils for over a year now and love how very versatile they are.
I literally use essential oils for everything; health care for my family and my pets, pain management, cleaning, cooking, skin care, hair care, pest control, sleep, hormones, moods & emotional health.
They have pretty much changed my life.
If that all sounds a bit overwhelming,
then here's just a small example of how I use them in my daily my car!
I stopped using those fake tree air fresheners in my car several years ago; they always gave me headaches and made me feel nauseous. Let's get real though...I need something to make my car smell nice. I have 3 children and we are always on the go, so my car is a mess of stinky soccer cleats, muddy shoes and banana peels.
For the last several months I have been putting oils on a cottonball & tucking it into the airvent.
It's been working pretty well, but wasn't very pretty. (See what I did there? Ha!)

During Christmas baking I looked at the Christmas Tree cookie cutter and thought it would make a great template for a car diffuser. It totally does right?
I traced the cookie cutter on two pieces of green felt and cut them out, then I sewed them together using a zigzag stitch all the way around. I made some after this one where I straight stitched along the edge and it turned out equally cute and took considerably less time, so that's definitely another option.

Then I punched a hole in the top of the tiny tree and looped some hemp thread through.

Isn't it just adorable?

I put some grounding blend on it because, I mean, who couldn't use a little balance on their daily drive? No road rage for me, thank you very much. (Okay, so this won't prevent people from driving like idiots, but it helps keep me from wanting to drive them off the road)

Just a couple drops of essential oil and then hang it on your rearview mirror!

And there it is! My adorable and simple car diffuser:)
When the scent fades, just add a couple more drops of your favorite oil.
Other oils I love for in the car are Wild Orange and Peppermint, which together are very uplifting and energizing. I LOVE that blend for when I do the long drives for soccer tournaments and visiting family...keeps me alert and focused, which is always a good idea behind the wheel.
Oh and it smells divine. Win-Win!
Thanks for reading!
If you have been wanting to get more info on essential oils and would like to join my team, comment or email me! I would love to help you enrich your life with these amazing gifts of the earth:)
(The prices on this site are retail, so ask me how to get them for 25% off!)
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

One Little Word 2015

It's almost 3 weeks into the new year and I am finally getting around to sharing my One Little Word for 2015. I stopped doing resolutions several years ago and instead choose a word to focus on for the year. It doesn't stop me from making goals, but in my experience resolutions are usually abandoned by now.

{One Little Word 2014}
Last year I chose the word Homemaker (or did it chose me?).
It ended up being a very truthful depiction of the year.

We raised 2 pigs and butchered them at home. It's the best pork we have ever eaten and we know how they were raised and what they were (and were not) fed. Totally getting a couple more piglets this year.

I started using essential oils for my families' health and wellness and the results were so incredible that I couldn't keep it to myself...Now I teach other people how to do the same!
It's something I'm super passionate about and I will be blogging about the ways I use them.

There were some not so great things that happened last year as well, but focusing on my family and the things within my control got me through.

My One Little Word for 2015 is {Renew}...and {Increase}.

Yep....two words. I was given two words this year along with promises for each.

{Renew} verb.
  • To make new or as if new again; restore.
  • To take up again; resume
  • To repeat so as to reaffirm
  • To regain or restore the physical or mental vigor of; revive.
  • To replenish
  • To bring into being again; reestablish
  • To become new again
  • To start over
As I said before, 2014 held some extra challenges and this word was given to me as a promise that 2015 is going to be a year of renewal. I'm not sure what its going to look like, but I am leaning into this promise. I feel the need to grant permission for anyone else to claim this promise for the new year as well...I know 2014 was a challenging year for many people. If that's you and this word resonates in your soul, then grab hold of this and see where it takes you.

{Increase} verb.
  • To become greater or larger
  • To make greater or larger
  • To multiply; reproduce
I had been really focusing on {Renew} and one day while I was praying about the word and all it's meanings, the Lord spoke {Increase} over me as well and I just wept. I felt that word so deeply and even writing about it now has me in tears. This word by itself can be good or bad, but paired with Renew, it takes on such hope and joy.

So those are my words for 2015. Do you choose a word each year or do you do resolutions?

One Little Word 2014
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The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."
~Jill Churchill