Thursday, March 26, 2009

We love Costco!

I love going into Costco for the basic household necessities and coming home with a beautiful new dress(or two) for Brooklyn. Their dresses are always so cute and don't cost much and that makes us all so very happy:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 Guinea Pigs and a Funeral

Friday I went to my Grandpas memorial service; it was in Citrus Heights at 10 in the morning. I really didn't want to deal with packing and staying the night so Brook and I got up at 6am and drove straight to the funeral home. The room was packed and the service was filled with more laughter and joy than it was tears. We were there to celebrate Grandpas life and all that he passed on to his 7 children and his numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

There was a great slide show of his life and many wonderful stories and memories shared. There was a picture of him sitting in a canoe filled with water and I was leaning over him; I was probably about Brooklyn's age. I remember he would send me to get him a beer or get the hose to add more water for him.

My Grandpa's name is Richard and the funeral director kept calling him Dick. My sisters and I found that pretty funny because I have never heard him called that. I think one of my uncles corrected him because half way through the service he started referring to him as Richard.

As the service came to a close they asked if anyone had anything to share. Fish shared a story and then I shared about a time when I was about three and went to give Grandpa a kiss and he stuck his dentures out at me. I cried and wouldn't kiss him for months:)

Another time he was getting a drink from what he called his "slop jar" which was just a jar of water he kept in the fridge so it would be really cold, and I was begging for a drink. Next thing I know the whole thing is being poured over my head!

After the service we went to Grandpa's house to have lunch and hang out. I was feeding my nephew Gilbert a bottle and I looked out at all the kids playing in the grass and saw what I thought was a small Pomeranian but was actually a long haired Guinea Pig. There was another one with not so long hair and Brooklyn was having so much fun playing with them. My uncle asked if I wanted them and I said Yes but that I would have to check with Jon first.

I called Jon and this was our conversation:

Jon: Hello.
Me: Is it cool if I bring home 2 Guinea Pigs and a cage?
Jon: Sure.
Me: Love you, Bye.

So random. Go to a funeral and come home with 2 Guinea Pigs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That is not a parking spot.

Getting Brooklyn up and ready for school while I am nauseous and exhausted proves to be a challenge sometimes, so I usually am still in my pj's with crazy hair and yesterdays make-up smeared under my eyes when I take her in the mornings. There is a drive through drop off area for us parents who can't (or shouldn't) get out of the car to walk their child to the classroom. A few weeks ago I was running a few minutes late to drop her off and I was a mess that morning. I pulled up behind a minivan which was parked at the very front of the drive through (which is next to the entrance of the preschool) and waited for them to pull forward. It didn't move. I waited some more. It still didn't move. Then I realized that there was a small child in there, but no parent. I looked over at the preschool window where I saw three adults standing at the window chatting, so I honked to remind them that this was not a parking spot. Well, they turned and looked at me like I was driving the wrong way on the highway. Grrrrr! I backed up my car, drove to the exit of the drive through and backed in so that I could drop off my daughter and watch her walk into her classroom before I drove home to rest. The whole day I was so irritated by this person who thought that they were entitled to park in the drop off zone instead of in a parking spot only a few yards away. I mean, it would be like parking in the Starbucks drive through and going inside! Seriously?!?!?I am such a rule follower that it just bothers me when other people blatantly disobey the rules. I'm a first born if you can't tell:)

I talked to Brooklyn's teacher about the preschool mom using that as her personal parking lot and she said she would talk to the preschool teachers because they were not supposed to allow that.

Well today I pull up and see that same minivan sitting there, so I pulled up right behind it and waited a minute for them to see me and then I decided to call the office. Yes, I was going to tattle....She started it though. As the phone was ringing the woman in the minivan poked her head up and looked at me through her side mirror, gave me a dirty look and then pulled out of the drive through and parked in a parking spot. Victory!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

1st lost tooth

Last night Brooklyn came into my room after she finished her dinner and I saw that her mouth was all bloody. I asked her to grab a tissue and to let me take a look at her loose tooth. I grabbed onto the tiny tooth with the tissue and wiggled it just a bit to check it's progress and then I pulled straight up and out it popped! Brook didn't even flinch because the tooth was already disconnected from the root and was just sitting in her gums. She looked at me and then stared at the tiny tooth in my hand and then excitedly screamed as she ran to tell Daddy the good news. For the rest of the evening she would fall to her back and kick her legs up in the air while she screamed with joy over losing her very first tooth. She felt like such a grown up.....she went from being 5 to being a "young woman"(her words). Oh man! Jon and I laughed so hard...She just cracks us up:)

Friday, March 06, 2009

8 weeks preggo...

I am pregnant, about 8 weeks actually. We were going to try to keep quiet until after the first trimester(because of my miscarriage last year), but I have been so sick that anyone who looks at me can tell.

I am nauseous all the time. Morning sickness? More like 24 hours a day sickness. I will eat something and it will taste really good, but later on if I think about that food I will gag. I think it's because I feel sick while I am eating, and that is the memory that I have of that food. So basically I don't eat the same thing more than once right now. I fall asleep anywhere and stay out for hours. My saliva is really foamy and if I don't spit it out I get sick, so I have to carry a spit cup around with me. I spilled it on myself last night in the tub and then almost threw up. Probably a bit of an over-share:) Sorry!

When is the glowing part supposed to happen? It has been almost 6 years since I was pregnant with Brooklyn, so I am having a hard time remembering when it gets easier. I really hope that with the second trimester will come some relief from all this.
The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."
~Jill Churchill