Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday Morning...

It is Sunday morning and instead of being at church, which is where I want to be, I am at home. Yesterday kicked my butt so hard that I woke up exhausted, with every muscle in my body heavy with soreness. Is that even a word? Oh well. What did I do yesterday? I went to a baby shower for my friend Tammi, went to the mall to get soap(on the Saturday before school starts...OMG I wanted to hurt people), and then went to a house warming party at Patrick and Bethany's house, all while working on my current project of growing a small human being.

School starts tomorrow...Brooklyn starts first grade! We are all so excited because we got a great teacher and are looking forward to what this new school year will bring. I'm going to cry tomorrow, so hopefully I remember the waterproof mascara and my big sunglasses:)

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Pearcia LaPointe said...

Missed you this morning! I woke up feeling beat too - I guess this baby making thing is harder than it looks. :) However I remembered that you were going to come to the morning service and that I told you I'd be there so I pulled my butt out of bed and went to church. Uh huh. No Amy. Luckily Jesus was there so it wasn't a total loss. ;)

Good luck tomorrow with Brooklyn's first day of 1st grade! If you need/want, you can come over here and hang for a while after you drop her off and what not. We can make babies together. (That sounded weird - but you know what I meant.) :D

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