Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stripping Cloth Diapers

I had to do this for the first time recently and thought I would spread some knowledge:)

Reasons for stripping your cloth diapers:
1. Diapers are no longer absorbing like they should.
2. Diapers smell strongly of ammonia no matter what you do.
3. Baby has had a yeast infection and it won't go away.

My reason for stripping was #3. Travis had a BAD yeast infection.

I switched him to disposables so that I could put cream on his infection(you shouldn't use creams on cloth causes them to repel liquid). The infection would clear up and I would put a clean cloth diaper on him and by the time I changed him it was back!

What?!?!? I thought cloth diapers prevented diaper rash?

They do.

Yeast infections are caused by an increase of yeast in the urine or poop, not by being wet which is what causes diaper rash.

What I learned is that bacteria from a yeast infection does not wash out of cloth diapers or wipes! Yikes!

That's why the infection kept coming back...I was just putting the bacteria right back on his little bottom.

Stripping removes the bacteria.

I stripped the cloth diapers and the infection went away and has stayed away! Yay!

How to strip cloth diapers:
1. Wash diapers like normal
2. Run a HOT wash with Dawn dish soap...5 drops for HE washers and 1/4 teaspoon for top loaders.
3. Run 2 more hot washes with NO soap of any kind.
4. If there are still suds, then run another wash.
5. Dry diapers in the sun. The sun kills bacteria and sanitizes your diapers even more. (If you can't dry them in the sun then put them in the dryer like normal)

It made such a difference that I plan to do a strip on my diapers monthly!!!


Lori@Paisley Passions said...

Some great helps and hints for cloth diapers. Thanks for sharing them on Thrilling Thursday :)

Miranda said...

I think sun-drying cures everything. I haven't had the ammonia smell at all since i quit putting them in the dryer. I stripped mine once, a long time ago, but i don't remember why... probably the smell.

wethree100 said...

I don't have to use diapers any more (yay!!), but I LOVE this colorful picture of them all hanging on a clothes line in the sun!!! =)

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