Friday, November 12, 2010

Dresser Progress and a Question

Here is what I have done so far on the Flower Dresser:

I took all the drawers out and gave the whole thing a really good cleaning. Then I had to figure out how I was going to tape off all those drawers so that I could keep the primer overspray out of them. I HATE taping, but I hate overspray more.

I looked around the garage and had a light bulb moment when I saw this:
It is meant for wrapping furniture for moving.
It keeps whatever you wrap it in safe from scratches:)

As you can see it worked great. Yay for not having to TAPE!

Here are all the drawers wrapped and ready to prime.

 All primed! I used 2 cans of spray paint primer and I have to say that I am not a fan.
I just didn't get the coverage that I wanted.

I prefer a bucket of primer and a paintbrush.

Here is my paint...isn't is delicious?
You see now why I wanted to slather it on my person, right?

Here is the dresser after 2 coats of paint.

I love this color so much that I want to paint EVERYTHING!
You'd better run!!!

I still have to paint the hardware and I want to do one more coat of paint before I can put it together and bring it into the kitchen.

I have a question for you:
Should I leave it a solid color or should I put a glaze on it?
The glaze that I have is Ralph Lauren Glaze in Tobacco.

What do you think?

If you don't know what "glazing" is, 
here is a Glazing 101 by All Things Thrifty that explains it really well.


Life with Krissy said...

I dont know what a glaze is, but i love love love that color!!

Angie Tolley said...

GLAZE it!!!

Rhiannon said...

love that color and i'd totally glaze it!

Andi said...

I'm in love with the color too! Definitely glaze it!

Anonymous said...

I would glaze it! I LOVE the look of glaze on that color :) Thanks for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions. Hope to see you again soon!

Robyn said...

That's my FAVORITE color. Really it is, look at my wedding pictures =D I didn't know what glazing is... but I like both. The glaze would make those three flowers stand out and look really cool...

- Robyn (Tricia's friend who secretly stalks your site)

leah mari said...

That's the same glaze I use and I love how it works! It's going to look superb and what a awesome idea instead of taping!!

Tammi said...

glaze it for sure!:) I think that would look amazing with that color!

Sawdust Girl said...

Sometimes you won't know until you see it. Then if you don't, you'll have to glaze at your own risk. You might love it. :-) That wasn't an opinion at all was it?

Randi said...

Why not glaze one drawer and see if you like it? I personally think that the glaze is gonna tone it down quite a bit, but it will also bring out the wood details (flowers, etc). I'd def rather only have one drawer to repaint than to have an entire dresser. :)

April said...

I vote for glaze!!! And can you please tell me your paint color?!? I have been wanting to paint a desk this color and do a glaze but havent found the right one...and I LOVE this one!

malia said...

Tough call... I sort of like it the way it is but I bet it would look great either way!

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