Thursday, December 19, 2013

{Teacher Gift} Crochet Infinity Scarf

This is our second year in a row with this teacher and my daughter loves her so much
 that she sometimes slips and calls her "mom".
We wanted to give her something nice for Christmas
and decided it should be a {handmade} infinity scarf.
We brainstormed colors and decided on Pagoda by Caron.
This scarf was made using a 6.5mm hook and almost the entire skein,
with rows of 32 Double Crochets, then slip stitching the two short ends together to connect.
This yarn is so soft, and using the slightly larger hook made this scarf drape so nicely.
It is super cozy.

We wrapped it in tissue paper, tied it up with the yarn scrap and tucked in a coffee card.
Teacher gift DONE!
We gave it to her at the Christmas Performance and she loved it.
Her son even said, "Mom, that is perfect for you!" 
What did you give your kids' teachers? I love hearing all the creative ideas and since I have another kid starting school next year I will need some:)



daphneR said...

How many rows? I think you left that out. ;)

Queen Mary said...

Lovely! Beautiful color too!

Just Fish said...

That's gorgeous. I wanna learn to make one!!

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