Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chatting over cheerios

I am not a breakfast person...I get up, make coffee and then usually I don't eat until lunch. This morning when I poured Brooklyn her cereal, I decided to sit at the table with her and have a bowl myself.

She is very chatty in the morning and thankfully I had a pen and paper handy to take a few notes about our conversation.
Here are my favorite bits:

Brooklyn: "God was dancing and He crashed into my stuff and woke me up and I was like, 'Oh good gracious!'"

Brooklyn: "My friend Morgan told me that if you don't brush your teeth at night and in the morning, they can fall out of your forhead. That's really creepy, huh Mom!"

I think I may eat breakfast more often:)


Amy Dubois said...

She is such a crack up!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those are both hysterical. It's so cool you're writing all this stuff down. She's gonna appreciate it when she's older.

Anonymous said...

And I could see your facial expressions while eating your cheerios and listen to her. It was the "I'm really amused but I need to look serious" face. It was a funny mental picture.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Ha ha Fish:) Reading your description of what my face probably looked like was exactly right and I totally just pictured Dad!!! Bah ha ha ha haaaaaaa! Love you Sister:)

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