Thursday, January 29, 2009

A pink sharpie and a soccer ball...

I signed Brooklyn up to play soccer last weekend. This will be her first time playing soccer and her first sports team. She has taken gymnastics and dance classes before, but those just weren't her thing. Hopefully she will like soccer. She was really scared when I first started talking about it...she thought they would expect her to know how to play already. I told her that they would teach her and that they would practice together and then she was excited about it. Today after I picked her up from school we went to Big 5 and she picked out a pink and white soccer ball. Practice starts in a few weeks and we are all so excited to see how she likes it. I really hope she does, because once we start a season she will finish it:)

I just happened to have a pink sharpie to write her name on her new ball. She was pretty excited about that:)

Her kick is adorable...I am sure her technique could use some work though:)


Anonymous said...

Haha. I ::love:: the way she kicks. I hope she likes it.

Amy Dubois said...

How fun for her! Can't wait to see her play!

Sarah said...

How exciting. I can't wait to get my boys in sports... I love your new layout, btw!

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