Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Growing up.

I think I may be turning into a grown up. Gasp! My sister Fish and I talk about feeling like we are still teenagers who are pretending to be adults...that we are in essence still "playing house" and that one day we will actually feel like grown ups. Well, I have made some changes lately that have come so naturally that it scares me a little, and I think I may just be growing up......a little.

I want to be a morning person!
I want to be more of a morning person, and amazingly enough I think it may already be happening. Lately I am exhausted by 9:30p.m. When I go to bed that early I get great sleep and wake up much earlier and with greater energy. When I get up early...and by that I mean between 6 and 7...I put the coffee on, do a few small chores while I am waiting, pour my coffee and go out to my deck where I sit in my red adirondack chair, read my Bible and write in my journal. I watch all my animals play at my feet and usually have one or two of them laying on my baby belly while the baby tries to kick them. When I finish reading I wake Brooklyn up, water the garden and fruit trees and remind Brook to feed the the kittens, the dogs, the guinea pigs and the fish. Then we walk out to feed the chickens and check on the ducks and the goat. I have noticed that the days that start this way are some of the best days and I want every day to be like this.

I want a minivan so bad!

If my younger self heard me say that she would time travel and drop kick me. Seriously. I am on the lookout as I type this. They are SO much more convenient than a sedan or a truck for hauling kids around to school, soccer, swimming lessons, etc. When I get one, I plan to put a bumper sticker on it that tells everyone around me that I am a soccer mom and also that my child is an honor student.


Miranda said...

I love that! especially the soccer mom/honor student line. here in the suburbs of the bay, it cracks me up to see cars with 3, 4 or 5 honor student stickers that are exactly the same.

we bought a ginormous yukon xl instead of a van (because we pull a trailer, it's NECESSARY... so saith the husband) and i can't park it for anything.

Miranda said...

oh, and life would be way easier if i were a morning person!

SaraZ said...

I totally feel you. Justin & I are constantly finding ourselves saying "Whoa. That was a very grown up thing we just did." From becoming landlords to buying a car *by ourselves* to moving to the other side of the state (well, the bay area feels like the other side of the state!) we are ever amazed at where life (GOD) is taking us. It's weird, but good.
I love your blog, friend, and miss our chats and coffee and walks. And until we move back home and can resume our mornings; I'll continue to enjoy this blog as a small peek into your life from afar. <3

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Soccer Mom and Honor Student!!!! That's so funny! You're cute Sis. I'm glad you finally...maybe almost feel like you're growing up...a little. It's ironic how our younger selves and our...older selves seem to be warring in our minds about certain things. Like you do something that you never would have done ten years ago and you freak out a little, like..."What was that?". Like me reading a whole book series. Really? Fish did that? Yep. As far as the mini van...I say go for it. I don't think that makes you crossover into really *being* a grown up...until you start saying things like "I'm gonna pull this van over if you don't SHHHUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUP!!!"

Pearcia LaPointe said...

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says: my delinquent beat up your honor student. That one always cracked me up! If you are looking for a van, we are still thinking about selling ours! It's a 2002 Town and Country Limited with all the fixings. Dvd player, heated seats and all. Let me know if you are interested. We would just sell it for what we bought it for since we bought it for just over half what it was worth originally from a couple filing bankruptcy. Give me a call or something.

Amy Dubois said...

This is awesome! I feel sad that you're growing up without me :( LOL

The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."
~Jill Churchill