Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Ducks...

About a week ago we had a neighbor show up at our door asking if we wanted a couple more ducks for our pond. Her friend had two ducks that needed a bigger swimming area than the tub she filled up for them each day and she decided to find them a new home. They got here the day before yesterday and their names are Daisy and Quackers. I guess I should name the first four now:)
Any suggestions?

Daisy and Quackers-the newest members of the farm;)

We were very happy to see that our ducks got along with the new ducks and now they are a pack of six, swimming around and avoiding Jersey together.

The new ducks lay eggs, and they decided to lay them on the island, so Jon and Brooklyn took the boat across the pond to retrieve them.

I am told that they are great for baking....Mmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

Wow. The pond looks amazing!

Amy Dubois said...

Duck eggs...hmmmm. That's awesome you got new ducks!

Anonymous said...


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