Saturday, November 21, 2009

7 weeks old

As of yesterday my son Travis is 7 weeks old. Seriously? It feels like he has been a part of our family for much longer than that. Maybe that's because I am attached to him, or more accurately he is attached to me, 24 hours a day. The boy thinks that if he is awake he should be eating and that if he is breathing he should be in my arms. 99% of the time I am alright with this...I actually love the closeness that I feel with him. There are times though (the other 1%) when all I want is to take a long hot bubble bath with a book and a glass of wine. **sigh** Someday. Until then I will enjoy my baby snuggle time;It goes by way too fast.


Mary Costa-Pearson said...

Oh he is so munchy!!!!! I would be more than willing to come over while you take a bubble bath and hold him :)

Miranda said...

he's beautiful! i so understand how you feel! what's his personality like?

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~Jill Churchill