Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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If you had told me a few years ago that I would be using cloth diapers, I would have laughed in your face!

My mom used cloth diapers and when I would change my siblings' diapers I would have to fold a rectangular piece of cloth just so around the baby and then try to pin the sides together while holding on to a wiggling baby. Then came the crinkly plastic cover that had to be slid up the legs and over the diaper.

That part wasn't all that bad once you got the hang of it...it was taking it off when there was a messy diaper that was tricky. The, uh, "solids" would smear down the legs when I would slide off the plastic diaper cover and it would take that much more time to clean up the baby before putting on another diaper.
It was not fun.

So when I had Brooklyn six and a half years ago, the thought never crossed my mind to use cloth diapers.

When I was pregnant with Travis I was online looking at all of the baby stuff that has changed since I had Brooklyn and I came across these amazing cloth diapers that were all one piece. No pins or plastic covers necessary! What?!?!? I was so amazed!

There are so many great options now and so many fun colors. I researched different brands and styles until I settled on the One-size Fuzzibunz cloth diapers. They have adjustable elastic strips in the legs and in the back of the diaper and there are multiple snaps on the front to allow you the perfect fit
no matter the size of your baby.

My main reason for wanting to use cloth diapers was the money it would save us, but once I put one on Travis, the look on his face gave me another one. He turned his head to the side and coo'd. Seriously.


Miranda said...

Tell me how you like them. I'm a Pocket Change devotee (primarily because you don't have to pull the insert out... big score!) and I can't stand the bumgeniouses I have. I know a lot of people use fuzzibunz, but I don't know much else about tehm.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

the inserts on these slide out so easy. I chose the pocket ones over the all-in-ones because you can add an extra insert for overnight and naps for extra protection. I really love them:) I will have to check out the Pocket Change brand...I don't remember if I ever came across those ones.

Miranda said...

the difference with the pocket change are that they have an opening at front and back, and somehow that translates to the inserts agitating out on their own in the wash.http://www.diaperco.com/store/p/282-New-Improved-Pocket-Change-Diapers.html

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

I just looked them up and now I remember that I had read some bad reviews and decided not to go with those. I have a few friends who use FuzziBunz and there is a store that carries them locally so I was able to check them out in person before buying.
Do they work well for you?

Ali Lipski said...

I used gDiapers for a while with Addison, but it was to see if it would help her eczema. It didn't, actually made it worse. So, we went back to disposables.
BUT, I loved them! It was fun and they look SOO cute in their little colored covers! :)

Miranda said...

yeah, i really like them. i got my first set through rachel hauser, she used to carry them in her store. they didn't work for her, but i loved them. the only thing i wish i'd done differently is that i have 3 (THREE!)children in diapers at least some of the time (nathan is still in them at night) so i wish i had color coded them by size!

The Gsell Family said...

Umm.. I love reading your blog and I think you have re- inspired my initial thoughts to use disposables. I had planned all along this time to use fuzzibunz but I was so indecisive because I wondered how the one size would fit. It seems to be working for you?? Now that I have a chunk monkey 5m old, I don't worry that they will be too big. :)

The Gsell Family said...

I meant re inspired my thought to use cloth. :)

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