Sunday, December 05, 2010

Making Pumpkin Puree

The other day I was getting things ready to start decorating for Christmas and had so many pumpkins that I had no idea what to do with. Throwing them out felt like such a waste, so I decided to make some puree for pies and breads.

Here are a few of the pumpkins...the two on the left are from our garden:)

Cut open the pumpkin.

Scoop out the seeds and guts with an ice cream scoop.

Save seeds for roasting! Yummmmm:)

I didn't take a picture of the next part, but I cut up the pumpkin and baked some of it at 350 degrees for about an hour. I had both ovens full and had to steam some as well. Steam small chunks with skin on for about 20 minutes. Pumpkin is ready when you can easily pierce the skin with a fork.

Remove the skin and mash. I wasn't too worried about making it super smooth as I don't know what recipes I will be using it for. I can always puree it more later if the recipe calls for it.

I scooped 2 cups of puree into each quart size ziplock bag and stacked them in the freezer. I now have 14 bags of pumpkin puree to use in recipes! Yay! Free and fresh. Gotta love it!

If Travis still ate pureed food I would have also put some into ice cube trays for easy food servings of baby food.

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