Thursday, May 12, 2011

{My Favorite Things} Gypsy and Loic Hat

I went to the Burlap Harlot Show over the weekend.
It was a lot of Shabby Chic stuff, which is not so much my thing.
I can appreciate the beauty of it, but I like COLOR! Bold, happy color.

There was furniture, vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry and so much more.

WARNING: Anatomy words ahead.

I was browsing through racks of vintage dresses in one booth when a display board caught my eye. It was covered in bright colored pendants and drew me in like a moth to a flame.
On my way over, I looked down and saw undies with the female reproductive system
screen printed on the front.

Ovaries? Check. Uterus? Check. Fallopian Tubes? Yep. The whole shebang.

Then I looked up at the colorful pendants.

It took me a minute to realize that they were labia's.
Uh huh, yeah, labia's.

I gasped and backpedaled out of the booth as fast as I could!

Looking back, I am surprised that I didn't knock anything(or anyone)
over in my haste to escape the "lady parts" booth.

As I turned to run I saw the booth owner,
who was wearing horns, grinning at me and trying not to laugh.

I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised with a name like Burlap Harlot, huh?

After that I was a little reluctant to enter booths all willy nilly,
but a rack of hats at Three Sixty Ecotique's booth made me catch my breath.

See what I found? Gah! I am in LOVE.

I love the little stitch details and the shape.
I was a little nervous about the shorter bill, but I actually like it alot.

Do you see that label?
Made in California with Love.

Not just made in the USA, but made in CALI!

Northern California for that matter.
Double BOOM!

Oh, and as if I need more reasons to adore this hat?

Upcycled Fabric.
Hand Crafted.
Limited Edition.

Fair Wages to LOCAL sewing shops.

The main reason that I love it though is that is fits my tiny head perfectly!

And makes me feel amazing!

It doesn't keep me from looking like a dork though.
It's just a hat people, it's not magic;)

This is me and my new favorite hat.

Do you have something that just makes you feel amazing?

Please share!
(Unless it's a labia pendant)


Andi said...

HAHAHA!! Best post ever! You crack me up! And eww to the whole female parts store. But the hat looks amazing on you!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

LOL oh my word what an adventure!!! But yuor hat is killer :0) Super find my dear

Jenna said...

HAHA! Oh my, too funny! And that hat looks so good on you! I can't wear hats, but I love necklaces. :)

Mary Pearson said...

I am dying at your story lol the whole thing totally played out in my head as I read it. Super cute hat!

jamie w said...

that booth would have shocked me too haha.
i LOVE the hat. how can i get one? i checked out their website and didnt see it on there.

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