Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Joy in simple things

Our Christmas was simply amazing.
This year I did not go to a single Christmas party and I LOVED it. Seriously. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I didn't go to the mall once or spend much time in other stores. I did research online and then went out on missions to find a specific item and that was all I was out for. We were able to spoil Brooklyn with some really great gifts for a really great price and it felt amazing.

Christmas Eve at my parents house is hilarious! We each bring a gift that costs 20-25 bucks, we draw numbers and then we take turns opening gifts or stealing an already opened one from a family member(White Elephant style). We laugh, we boo(sorry Joseph), we cheer, and we conspire against each other all in the name of love and Christ's birth. This year there were a lot of movie tickets, so people would decide which tickets to steal based on the type of candy that was included. And then when it's all over we trade with someone else or end up giving our gift away to the first child who asks for it. We don't really care about the gifts and I love that. We enjoy the time together.
Christmas morning is ours. Just the three of us in our pj's opening gifts. So nice. Then we get ready and head over to Jon's parents house for Christmas dinner and more presents. After dinner we usually play a game. This year we played Phase 10. I love that game even though I never win. Okay, so I think I won once.

Jon and I were really blessed by our families this Christmas in so many ways. This year, more than any other year, I felt the true spirit of the season.

The joy in simple things. It was amazing.

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