Monday, December 15, 2008

My random family......I love them:)

I am the second oldest of 14 children. No, that is not a typo. I have one older half sister from my Dad and then I am the oldest of my Mom and Dad's 13 children together. When I was a kid I LOVED it. When I was a teenager I wanted out; I wanted peace and quiet and an open bathroom.
My sister Kristin(aka Fish-face) called me on Wednesday(the 10th) and asked if I could drive to Rocklin with my camera and remote to take a family picture. Then we looked at our calendars and realized that the next day was the only day that worked, so I picked up Brooklyn from school, told them we would not be there the next day and off we went to the Keller house.

This is my Mom, Dad, Me(my hubby Jon and daughter Brooklyn), Kristin, Angela(her hubby Dan, son Caleb and daughter Maddie), Patricia, Joseph(his wife Mandy and son Gilbert), Jacob, Jonathan, Sarah, James, Hannah, Julie, Jeremiah, Janae and their puppy Tiki#2.

My family is not very good with planning ahead. Add to that a very time consuming family crisis that we are going through and you take what you can get when you can get it. Actually that is a pretty good description of how it is all the time, crisis or not. The Keller house is, i imagine, like Grand Central Station; there is always someone coming and going.

Brooklyn LOVES going to Aunt's and Uncle's house. My youngest sister Janae is 9 months older than her and they are such buddies. The next one up is Jeremiah and the three of them are trouble. I pretty much don't see my daughter from the moment we pull up until the moment I drag her kicking and screaming to the car where she passes out from exhaustion.

Janae, Brooklyn and Jeremiah before the family picture.

I had such a great time on that random family visit and am counting down the days with great anticipation until Christmas Eve-Eve when I can see my crazy wonderful family again. I miss my Mom and Dad and my brothers and sisters, my sister-in-law, my brother-in-law and my nieces and my nephews. I thank God for giving me the family that I have, and I am so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with them.

This is me with seven of my sisters.
Belle, my older sister lives in Idaho and wasn't there:(
From left to right: Hannah, Patricia, Angela, Me, Kristin,
Sarah, Julie and Janae(the little one in front)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! God bless you.

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JUAN said...

Dang... I finally found your blog.. I knew you were on here..

You should ask John about the keyboard stand.. He and I had quite the adventure with the keyboard stand a few weeks ago... You should go buy him one of those sweet Gerber or Leatherman utility tools and surprise him... Every sound genius needs one..

Anyways.. we spent a good 30 minutes messing with what we thought was a broken keyboard stand... and soon found both ourselves schooled by a stupid green knob..

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