Friday, March 06, 2009

8 weeks preggo...

I am pregnant, about 8 weeks actually. We were going to try to keep quiet until after the first trimester(because of my miscarriage last year), but I have been so sick that anyone who looks at me can tell.

I am nauseous all the time. Morning sickness? More like 24 hours a day sickness. I will eat something and it will taste really good, but later on if I think about that food I will gag. I think it's because I feel sick while I am eating, and that is the memory that I have of that food. So basically I don't eat the same thing more than once right now. I fall asleep anywhere and stay out for hours. My saliva is really foamy and if I don't spit it out I get sick, so I have to carry a spit cup around with me. I spilled it on myself last night in the tub and then almost threw up. Probably a bit of an over-share:) Sorry!

When is the glowing part supposed to happen? It has been almost 6 years since I was pregnant with Brooklyn, so I am having a hard time remembering when it gets easier. I really hope that with the second trimester will come some relief from all this.


Amy Dubois said...

The bath tub thing seriously almost made me lose it! I can't think about it or I will keep gagging. As soon as you feel that baby move and kick you, you will forget all these miserable moments!! Hang in there friend! Love ya!!

Sarah said...

So exciting, Amy! Usually the morning sickness is over by the time you hit the second trimester. I know, seems like a long time. BUT you are over half way there!!! Maybe 5 more weeks??? I can totally relate to the spitting (I had really bad phlegm with both my pregnancies- totally gross)
Hang in there!!!! You can do it!!!

Erica said...

What? Congratulations, I am so excited for you! I will be praying for that little one.

Rachael said...

AAAAAAaaaaaHHHHHHhhh That is so freak'n cool!!!! Seriously I'm so excited for you!! What an excited journey... and yes 2nd trimester is much better!!! Keep saltines by the bed them before you get up... it helps.

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