Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sonny Flower

Sonny Flower is Jeff and Cindy’s(Jon's sister and her husband) 12 week old Chihuahua . They brought her over and Brooklyn fell in love instantly! She rocked her and snuggled her and even put her in her doll's crib. She was so sad when it came time for her to leave, so I took some pictures and we printed one out immediately and put it in a frame that she put on her nightstand.

Jersey did really great with the tiny puppy…the puppy had so much energy and after awhile Jersey would lay down and then Sonny would run up and jump on her or bat at her nose to get Jersey up and playing again. It was so cute to see the 65lb Pit Bull and the 2lb Chihuahua playing so nicely together.

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Sarah said...

Those pics are so cute! What a cute puppy! I can understand why Brooklyn didn't want it to go!

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~Jill Churchill