Sunday, February 27, 2011

I won!

Julie at Vibrant Designs had a giveaway
for a $30.00 credit to an adorable Etsy shop: Simply Riveting and I won! Oh yeah!

Now for the hard part of deciding what I want!

I am trying to decide between this precious heart necklace with an initial:

Or this set of 3 hammered hand forged rings:

I love me some thumb rings!

I think these are hilarious:

Dead bird post earrings

I just don't think I could pull them off;)

Thanks again Julie!


Anna said...

Man you are raking in the jewelry this week! Congrats!!! I'd go for the rings, I'm not much of a necklace person though. Good luck choosing!


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Congrats, Amy! Awesome win... can't wait to find out what you chose.

Anonymous said...


Jenna said...

you're on a roll girl! Congrats :)

Crazy lady said...

That's soo cool!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

That is a hard choice! I would love the rings though- that is something I could wear all the time and not think about. Can't wait to see what you chose!

Andi said...

Congrats! I love them all...even the birds ;-) Can't wait to see what you choose.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

winning is so much fun... however when I win, I do have a hard time figuring out what to get!

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