Thursday, January 23, 2014

{Tutorial} Freezer Paper Prep

I have been working on the Tutorials for the Felt Animal Masks and I decided that I should first share how I prepare my Freezer Paper for Crafting.

Freezer Paper can be used to make Stencils for DIY Silk Screening, but it can also be used for transferring patterns onto fabric.
I used this to make my Felt Animal Masks so that I didn't need to mark up the fabrics. Simply trace the pattern onto the non-shiny side of the Freezer Paper and then iron it, shiny side DOWN, onto your fabric. Then you can cut out the pattern without pins or slippage. Its pretty fantastic stuff.
I know you can buy sheets, but I could only find the rolls locally, so I decided to make my own sheets to make things easier and to cut down on waste.

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  • You will need a Self Healing Mat, Quilters Ruler and a Rotary Cutter
  • Line up the paper and cut at the 11" mark. Cut the whole roll like this.
  • You will need a Fiskars (or other brand) craft paper cutter.
  • Take the sheets that you just finished cutting and trim them down to 8 1/2"
  • Place in a folder for safe keeping and easy crafting access.

Now go find some Freezer Paper and get ready for the slew of Animal Mask Tutorials that will be heading your way soon! :)

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