Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Jersey!

My dog Jersey is four years old time flies! I had to take her to a shot clinic today to get all her vaccinations and a rabies shot...I felt so bad to have to do it on her birthday. I bought her a big juicy bone after, so hopefully she will forgive me and still get excited next time I take her "Bye-bye".

She is an American Pit Bull Terrier and is such a sweetheart. She has changed so many peoples opinions on this breed because of what a great dog she is. We have several friends who also have pit bulls and they are all so loving and happy. It just breaks my heart to see this wonderful breed so mistreated and misjudged.

Here are some pictures of my second child:


SaraZ said...

She really is a great dog. Happy Birthday Jersey!

Amy Dubois said...

she is the sweetest!

The most important thing she’d learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one."
~Jill Churchill