Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye Indiana

Indiana was our 18 month old male Nubian goat. He was given to us by a friend when we moved to our farm and was our first farm animal....the beginning of our farm life.

He became a wizard of escape, finding the tiniest of weak spots in the fence and forcing his way through into our yard or out onto the street. Several times we have had our doorbell ring to hear "Is that your goat out in the street?"

Usually he would wait until Jon was gone...I think he had the house bugged because he always knew when Jon would be gone for several hours, and that would leave the pregnant lady, the kid and that wussy pit bull home alone to try to get him back in.

Yesterday he got out again and before Jon had him back in I was posting an add on craigslist. Within minutes my phone was ringing off the hook. The first guy who called was at our house within 30 minutes of the post. He has 5 females that he wants to breed and was looking for a male...he asked if we thought Indie could "take care of his girls" and Jon and I laughed and told him how Indiana was always trying to "make babies" with Snickers, our other male goat.

So Indiana is now living in horny goat heaven with his very own harem.

Goodbye Indie!!! Enjoy!


Sarah said...

When I was little my parents raised Nubians! They are so cute!
Well, I'm glad to hear that the goodbye was that he went to horny goat heaven with his harem, and didn't die! lol

~Laura said...

horny goat heaven and a goat harem.... lol, you are so hilarious, Amy! :) Those little buggers can be a pain once they taste freedom, speaking from experience!

Hey thanks for the bloggy love, btw, and I am for sure hitting you up for some falls to visit next time we are up in the area!! I wish I'd called you this last time... oh well. :)

I wish I could see you in person and rub your belly. I really do, even though that may sound so nasty to you - I HATED it when people rubbed my belly... but for some reason I really want to pat yours. Weird. :) Hey, how about a trade - I rub your belly (in a nice way), and you get belly portraits! How does that sound? (I'm actually serious, I would do that if you want to next time you are down to visit the family)


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