Friday, May 15, 2009

Loving our country life!!!

Brooklyn and Jersey love to go to our pond and play with the ducks. These are not wild ducks, but ducklings that we have raised and just recently released on our pond. It's so fun to watch Brooklyn as she chases the ducks,
trying to catch or pet them.

When she actually catches one, the look on her face makes my heart all squishy. Ahhhh! I love her so much!
Don't get freaked out by the look on my dog's face. She loves the ducks...she just gets very protective of her "people". When we are not touching the ducks she is a lot less interested in them:)
She loves to swim with them.....
and will follow them all over the yard.
I just LOVE our country life!


Sarah said...

I wish blogs has a 'like' button. lol
I love the country life. I grew up on a farm- very fond memories! I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

farm life is the best!! Im glad you are so happy!! it makes me happy to see my friends so happy!!

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