Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Update: I was able to change the template back to the old Minima template that hosts the blog backgrounds the best. Yay! So now my blog is back the way I like it:) If you want to know how I got the Minima template back just send me an e-mail and I will explain it.

Okay, so I have never had a problem changing my backgrounds or my banner before. I have changed it many times without the disaster that happened tonight. Blogger must have changed their templates since the last time I switched my background.  Either that or I just need a good nights sleep and a strong cup of coffee before I touch any more HTML!

Anyway, if anyone has any helpful tips for making my blog page design NOT suck, I would appreciate it!

I just hit spellcheck and realized just how tired I really am.

Please help me!



Andi said...

ahh late night blogging, I know it well :-) I'm not sure what you are having trouble with but I use the template designer and for my banner I make one using Picnik and then save it to my computer so that I can add it. Then I just play around with the colors until I like it. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

The new template designer takes a little getting used to but once you do, it is so much easier than the old one! I don't know exactly what you are trying to do but...if you go into the template designer, click on 'background' and to the left of the color themes there should be a background image box. Use the drop down arrow and you will find hundreds of different background images that you can use. The 'layout' page is also really cool now because you can easy choose how many columns you want, where you want them, and how wide you want the margins to be. If you are just wanting to change the font, color or size of your typed header, go to 'advanced' and then 'blog title'. If you are wanting to install a custom header in jpg form, go back to your dashboard in the 'page elements' (where you move your widgets around) and click 'edit' next to the header spot. Then upload the image you want to use. Hope that helps! I'm no expert with these things but if you have any other questions, feel free to email me and I would be happy to help you in any way that I can!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I just gave your lovely blog an award! :)http://www.polishthestars.com/2010/09/pinching-pennies-and-blog-awards.html

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