Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Day 3} Tupperware Cupboard

I am behind on this challenge, but I had a sick baby for 5 days which threw off my cleaning groove. I am doing my best to catch up;)

I decided to switch my Tupperware cabinet with another one, 
so I ended up doing two cabinets!

Plastics BEFORE:

This is the cabinet that held my Tupperware.

This one had my corning ware and mixing bowls.

I decided to switch them.

I pulled everything out of both cupboards, wiped them out, sorted all the pieces and 
tossed all the pieces that had no buddy.

I corralled all the lids into black baskets that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. 
Not the best quality baskets, but they do the trick;)

Glass AFTER:
Now I just need to put the childproof latch on this door 
to keep all my glass safe and organized.

Plastic AFTER:
This one will not stay organized.
You can see that I could not even take an after photo without the boy 
being all up in there pulling stuff out. ;)

This is my life and I love it.
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