Friday, January 07, 2011


Day 4 of having a sick baby...I have some catching up to do on the 21 day organizing challenge, but right now I am watching Greys on Hulu and cutting felt circles to make a garland for this evenings Beanie Baby Birthday Bash. Yep. The boy is napping and that is what I am doing. Cutting felt.

Hopefully tonight when the kids are in bed I can get caught up with all the organizing and other bloggy stuff.
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Unknown said...

Good luck! Hope you get all of your bloggy fun and organizing done! Glad to hear that I am NOT the only crafting when the kids are napping!

Andi said...

Sweeet! I'm behind too. No worries, you'll catch up. I always craft during nap that bad? Maybe that's why I am taking the 21 day challenge ;-)

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

My problem is that I only have one napper and she doesn't sleep long enough! By the time I haul out all the supplies, she's already awake.
Hope you get everything done!

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