Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to fold a fitted sheet

I hate folding fitted sheets.

They make me so mad and I usually end up with them rolled and smashed as flat as I can get them in between the flat sheet and the pillow case to hide the ugliness.

My friend Anna at Ask Anna wrote a tutorial on
how to fold these darn things a fitted sheet.

Oh my gosh! Awesome.

If you are like me and need some help with this, go check it out.

While you are there, take a look around because she has some great cleaning and organizing tips and has so much more to share.


Unknown said...

I usually start folding and end up with a technique called the roll-and-wad... so yes, I need this :) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Yeah! You ARE AWESOME for posting this helpful hint. I think we can ALL agree .. folding fitted sheets is really crappy! Thanks!

mE aNd mY tâ„ŽrIfTy IdEas said...

I might actually FOLD mine now...heehee. Awesome tip!

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

I think it is so funny how we all have a hard time with fitted sheets. They are such a pain! I remember when my mom first showed me. it was amazing how the fit so nicely in the cupboard after the proper folding. I also hated the fact that they were so wrinkly when I put them on the bed before I knew how to fold them properly!

Anna said...

Thanks for featuring me Amy! You are such a great blog follower! :)

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