Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How I clean my microwave naturally

Yep, more LEMONS!

I love {LEMONS}!

Warning: Grossness ahead!

Here is my dirty microwave. Pretty gross right?

Not gonna lie, this is not even the worse that it has been.

I used to hate cleaning the microwave
until I discovered this cleaning method several years ago:

Put a cup with water and the juice of one lemon in the microwave.
I also throw the peels in there for the lemon oil essence.
Microwave on high for 3 minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes.

When you open it you will see this...lemony condensation.

See the moisture in there? That is what has softened all the crud.
Use a damp cloth and wipe out the microwave.
It comes right off!!!

No scrubbing, no toxic chemicals...just a fresh clean microwave.

Look at how shiny it is!

Yet another reason why I love {LEMONS}!

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Crazy lady said...

Wow, that is a really good idea! :)

Rhiannon said...

i have seen worse micros! were talking stalagtites! hahaha but im not joking

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Thanks for the tip! Looks like you came to my house and photographed my microwave! LOL! I'm gonna give this a try. Found you over at A Diamond in the Stuff. I'm your newest follower!

Erika . . . with a K said...

Great idea, I'm going to try that! How come your lemons look so orange? or is that just me?

Euharlee said...

Nice! I hate scrubbing, of any kind, so this is a winner idea for me!


pxilated said...

That's pretty cool. I might give that a try.

Marie C. said...

What a great idea! I love lemons! And I'm a new follower to your blog. :-)


Unknown said...

My mom taught me how to do this! Her gift every year to the faculty at her school (where she is the librarian) is to clean the faculty room microwaves -- by doing this. Only she uses vinegar sometimes instead of lemon juice (or with it) and adds a little dish soap. Not sure why. But it sure does work!

Mary Pearson said...

I heart you and your dirty microwave :)
and now I don't feel so bad about mine- I opened it yesterday and was going to clean it then decided nah maybe tomorrow... its tomorrow and there just isn't time now I have an excuse I can't clean it till I have some lemons :)

Jayna Rae said...

Gonna do this today. I knew there was a good reason I purchased so many lemons yesterday.

lisbonlioness said...

I'll take a lemon to work with me on Thursday. And, boy, am I gonna nuke it!
Love you for this, I was so fed up with trying to clean it with company- supplied lame- @ss cleaners!
And I shall avoid talking about my own microwave. Why, there's nothing wrong with it at all, it's not like a few peas exploded in there last week or anything.
Gimme that lemon.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Love this! Awesome tip, Amy. There isn't anything better than the smell of lemons:)

Heidi Lucille said...

What a great idea!! I'm going to buy a lemon and give this a try. I think I have the same exact microwave - crud and all! haahah
....now if you could find something like this to make it easier to clean the toilets... ;o)

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

I would never have thought of that, but what a great (and nice smelling!!) idea!

Iuliania said...

Wonderful tutorial! I have to buy some lemons and clean my microwave!
Uljana, Latvia

Alisha said...

Great idea. You can also do that with a damp wash cloth for 30 seconds, let it sit for 60 seconds, wipe clean. It will also sanitize your dish cloth.

Joseph's Grainery Recipes said...

I can't wait to try this...may even have to warm up some spaghetti, uncovered, just to dirty up my microwave. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great tip! I can't wait to go get lemons to try this! The microwave always the chore that I say can wait..maybe not anymore! :)

Kim said...

Fantastic idea. I usually just put a cup of water and there and do it for a minute. Defintely will try this. Found you via a blog hop.


Melissa said...

I HATE cleaning the microwave! It is so gross.

Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.



Silver Daisies said...

Ingenious! Thanks for sharing I will try that!

www.alifeandartinprogress.blogspot.com said...

Nice tip!!! Quick question...I just bought a bunch of limes...do you think those work too?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Simply put a bowl filled with water and a little bit of vinegar in the microwave for a couple of minutes (3 minutes sufficed pour moi). Carefully take the bowl out and wipe down your microwave. No scrubbing required! It seriously was so easy and is my new favorite way to clean the microwave. Not like I really had a favorite way before, but you get it, right? Right.

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