Thursday, March 03, 2011

In my Library Bag...

I have lived here for five years and finally got myself a Library card!

Why did it take me so long?

I have an aversion to touching books that have potentially been touched by gross people.

A long time ago I was reading a book from the library and turned the page to find a HUGE booger which was smeared into the margins of the book. 
I am gagging just remembering it!

I seriously want to put on gloves to read used/library books now.
So if you ever see someone reading a book while wearing latex gloves
don't worry, it's just me! Perfectly normal, right? 

Anyway, my lack of unlimited book funds have forced me to reconsider my freakness,
 and now I am the proud owner of a library card.

Until I make myself a fancy "Just for the Library" bag, this is what I am using.

It is from my Gymnastics coaching days. Ah , memories!

Here are the books potentially covered with nastiness that I checked out:

Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross
This book has been added to my Book Wish List.
So many amazing patterns!

Um, yes please! This will one day be a part of my craft book collection.
This woman knows her stuff!

Yep, coaching soccer.
I never played so I am trying to learn everything that I can.
Hence the three books on the subject.

I also got two books for the kids and one novel for fun.

I grabbed a basket and put all my disgusting library books in it.
I named the basket "Quarantine".

When it comes time to return them I know where they are!

Am I the only one who freaks out over used books?


Andi said...

HaHaHa! You are hilarious! You know I had never thought about the whole "gross people" thing until now ;-) I love that you named your basket and the name itself is classic! I've played soccer since I was 7 so if I can help let me know.

The undomesticated scientist said...

sorry, i love books, even old moldy ones! i always want to keep the libary books and am sad when they have to be returned! like the basket idea so you know where they are though, could save a whole heap of book hunting!

nono said...

Cracking up! I love library books, fortunately, I've never found a booger in one. I recently got a Nook, and now all my library books are in E format.

Bethany said...

I have a thing about used stuff too--I have a hard time thrift shopping for that very reason. It may be unfair if the previous owner/user was quite pristine, but as booger-in-book shows--you just never know :)

Jenna said...

HAHAHA, you crack me up. I never used to think of library books that way, but thanks to you now I'm sure that's all I'll think about when I go to the library! :) Also, I borrowed Mini Shopaholic from my friend and will be reading that soon too! Have you read the other Shopaholics? Probably yes Im guessing. I love 'em! I have all of them except this one cause it's not out in paperback yet and my others are paperback. Ok, novel done.

DandoisLion DeLights said...

Ha ha! That's so gross. I've found some really disgusting things while thrifting, but it doesn't seem to thwart my thriftings. I hope it's not because, at heart, I'm gross too. :-)

Crazy lady said...

Hahah! You are so funny! I can totally relate with freaking out about using community books. I still do to a certain extent, luckily for me though most of the books I've been reading lately were donated new to the Library that just opened up right around the corner from us. :)

Unknown said...

I had never even considered the nastiness of used and borrowed books... I guess my cheapness has always overruled any disgust I might have felt! But I'm glad you have made amends with the library and hope you have booger-free reading for the rest of your life!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Great, now I never want to touch a library book again! There was a booger smeared on the front door of my daughter's preschool for the ENTIRE school year last year! I almost threw up every time I walked in the door. Ugh! I should have brought a Clorox wipe and taken care of it myself.

Tammi said...

lol! Amy you crack me up!! I had never thought about used library books that way, but now I do haha thanks alot;)

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

funny post! yay for your new library card! I think you've warped a few other readers with the grossness of the booger! hahaha

Danyelle said...

My girls and I go to the library at least twice a week and check out 20 books at a time. Luckily, we have never found boogers or anything beyond the occasional fingerprints in our books.

April said...

Nope! I buy all my books used online and automatically wipe them with Clorox wipes or spray them down with lysol when they come.

nicolette {momnivores dilemma} said...

wipe them down with vinegar! my MIL is the same way. if it's not shrink-wrapped and shipped from may require a tetanus shot...

Baby said...

You are hilarious.. =) Just bring some sanitizer with you every time you visit the library. I'm actually imagining you wearing gloves right now.. LOL

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