Saturday, May 02, 2009

16 Weeks + 1 Day

I forgot to write yesterday.......I would blame it on pregnesia, but I was just busy.

So let's see......this last week was pretty good until Wednesday and Thursday when I got nauseous and had the metal taste in my mouth again. Blech! I was in the office sitting on the floor with my head on the chair just crying to Jon "Two and a half weeks of bliss and I am back to this!!!!" and then I just broke down sobbing. Today I am feeling better, but food does not appeal to me so I have to make myself eat. I have gained only 2 pounds total and that has me a little worried, but I am taking my prenatal vitamins and eat fruits and veggies when I can. I am counting down the days until the 11th when I find out if I will be approved for the AIM program so I can get to a doctor.
My skin is a wreck right now....I have dry patches that won't go away no matter how much water I drink or how much moisturizer I slather on my face. I have never had dry skin until this pregnancy. I have two new broken capillaries and blemishes that just won't heal. Neat. On top of all that I have a darker pigmented circle on my forehead between my eyes and another at my hair line that I have been told should fade a few months after giving birth. Double Neat.
On a happy note, I have been feeling the baby move more and more each day and I can feel him/her getting bigger and is such an amazing feeling. I lay as still as I can and wait for the tiny little bumps and then I just smile. I am really looking forward to when Jon can feel the kicks too.


SaraZ said...

I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough time! Praying that you feel better soon!!!

Amy Dubois said...

I'm so excited that you get to feel him/her move! That's awesome!

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~Jill Churchill