Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Challenge #9-Toy Organization

I have been loving all the organization challenges and am trying to get caught up.
Here is how I have my sons toys organized right now:

He loves to stand at the shelf and play with the toys and move them around.

I forgot to take a before picture because this was done over a couple days while painting. Just picture a bucket overflowing with toys that made it impossible for him to find the toy he wanted. Better late than never, no?


Marcelle @ Mimi & Mum said...

Looks amazing! Enlighten me to how I get mine to play with a toy. :) She only wants the stuff she isn't supposed to have or isn't a toy.

Jenna said...

lookin' good girl!

Tammi said...

Love it! omg I just realized Hannah and I forgot to help clean up before we left yesterday:( so sorry!!

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