Monday, January 24, 2011

Pots and Pins

Over the weekend I went to a couple thrift stores looking for shoes for Travis. He goes through a size in just a couple of weeks and I hate spending 15 dollars on a single pair of shoes for him. I ended up getting him 5 pairs of shoes for 15 dollars at a baby thrift store, and all of them were in such great shape.

I went to a new thrift store in town and found 6 brand new recycled plastic pots for .50 a piece and 2 boxes of sewing pins for .98!

I have been wanting to make a felt rosette wreath and all I needed was some of these, so I was super happy to get 900 of them for less than a dollar!

Oh yeah!
(Said like Vector from Despicable Me)

These I bought to use either for a potted herb garden or for the lemon tree seeds that I have drying out in my kitchen right now. $3.00 for 6 of them! BOOM!


carlis said...

I heart a good deal... They are like kisses from Heaven. :)

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Fun finds! Thrifting is like a treasure hunt- except that I never find what I'm actually looking for, instead I find things I never knew i needed but HAVE to have!

Anna said...

Sweet buys!

Christina @ AccomplishingMotherhood said...

Thrifty finds feed the soul :)

Jenna said...

Great buys! I love thrifting! Now I want to go...

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