Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter with my family.
I didn't take nearly enough photos because I was having so much fun.
Me and my hubby Jon.

The boy and the girl...Travis(18 months) and Brooklyn(8 years).

Jon and Brooklyn...I love their relationship:)

Me with my baby girl...she's growing up way too fast!

Hubby was getting creative here:)

My son and I...
He would not let me hold him for the picture and instead wanted to sit next to me.

Independent little boy.

This boy makes me heart melt.

He was teething, had a fever and kept falling on his head.
Rough day!

Poor baby!

He wasn't sure about the eggs, but then he found out what was inside;)

I hope your Easter was amazing!


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Love the re-cap Amy. Such cute pics of your family. I should have taken some of mine. ;)

Unknown said...

Love your blog..very cute!! New follower..

michelle ellis said...

What cute pictures!

Bethany said...

"He kept falling on his head" - this made me laugh. Very nice pictures--what a nice family you have :)

Tammi said...

his shirt turned out so cute!! I love the picture of you two just sitting next to each other hehe so cute.

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