Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{My Favorite Things} Hand Cream

I am a little sad.
My favorite hand cream is almost gone!

Have you tried this stuff? I love it.

It keeps my hands moisturized, is not greasy and doesn't come off when I wash my hands.

The problem? It costs 20 bucks.
I have a hard time justifying that right now;)

I need your help!
Do you have a favorite hand cream that is less expensive?
Please tell me about it!

Thanks Peeps!


Jenney said...

My husband loves that stuff. Uses it all the time. IT STINKS! Please let me know what else you find!

Mary Pearson said...

have you tried shopping for it on ebay or amazon? maybe you could find it a little cheaper?

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

I have been using the lubriderm extreme hand lotion. Its not as durable as yours seems to be, but is 1/4 the price. Its really nice on my hands especially when I have to wash them a lot from making figurines.

mrs t said...

I found some stuff at Lowes called O'Keefe's Working Hands. LOVE it! My hands used to be cracked, bloody, itchy and painful all winter long. But I haven't had any trouble since I found this stuff. It isn't greasy but my hands do feel a little waxy for a while after I've put it on. Let me know if you try it and how you like it!

Andi said...

Hmmm...I love this one:
It costs $12 for 1.7oz. Not the cheapest but you don't need a lot. It smells great. And if you have a store close by they usually have great sales, that's when I buy mine :-) Hope this helps!

Lorie said...

look ma, new hands- softening hand lotion with paraffin - from the true blue spa collection at Bath and Body Works- its amazing!

Jennifer said...

Okay, first of all... I LOVE THAT LOTION. Secondly, I ,like you, cannot seem to justify paying that price right now. What I use now also happens to be what I use on my face but just slightly different ratio. I put a dollop of 99.9% aloe vera gel into my hands and then add 4-5 drops of (almond oil or coconut oil or vit E oil or any other natural oil you have on hand). The aloe is nice because it helps your skin absorb the oil and not leave a crazy oily residue, I think it really opens up the pores so the oil can get down deep into the skin. Also, when I'm just having the crazy dry spots, I just rub a little bit of coconut oil directly into those spots. I've been using the same on my face for years. good stuff.

Evey's Creations said...

:) http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3628685&cp=4090261.4090360.4248379 BEST. STUFF. EVER! and it only costs 12 bucks! My fav "overly priced and I can't justify paying that" cream is called Spa Destinations Body Butter...24bucks for 8 oz! My best friend bought me a pack of 10 for Christmas! She MUST love me! When I googled the product to buy it for myself, I realized I could NEVER justify that amount of money on hand cream! =/

Mrs. H said...

AVON has alot of great products...AND they give away free samples. Another wonderful thing is that if you purchase an item and are unhappy with it (FOR ANY REASON) you will be refunded. http://avon.com/

SaraZ said...

I love that stuff too! I bought it years ago for hubby (I think I may have even bought it from you!) and recently ran out. Let me know what you end up with. :)

Leah said...

EOS! They have awesome lip balm as well, but the cucumber hand lotion (no melon, just yummy cucumber) is DIVINE! I can't live without it, or my mint lips! (no I don't work for EOS, just love the product and think everyone else should too) http://www.evolutionofsmooth.com/

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